web alchemy intensive


your website in a week

At last - an intensive that strikes the perfect balance between fast enough to have quick results & long enough to have a custom website.

Web Alchemy weeks don't involve any templates and are entirely custom made to your needs. Finally embody the role of the hero of your business and feel confident in sharing your new online home.

sounds familiar?

Even with drag-and-drop web builders and premade website templates, you're feeling very scared to dip your toes in those waters - afraid to make an irreversible mistake (I know I was that person before discovering Showit!).

As a budding business, you're mindful of your investments in the early stages. You want to make wise decisions that will set you up for long-term success.

You know the importance of design but are not ready for the steep investment of regular paced web projects.

Maybe you've considered a website intensive, but you've seen other studios promise to deliver everything in just one day, which sounds impossible and even scarier.

Client Love Note

"Working with you has been a fantastical dream. One that I don’t want to end. You just “get” it, you take feedback so well, and you have an amazing ability to understand things that I struggle to explain.
THANK YOU from the depths of my heart for hearing me, for working with me, and for being so wildly flexible with it all. I appreciate you so much."


Accessibility and flexibility are very important to me in my work. I’m committed to collaborating with disabled & neurodivergent folks on modifying my processes to support you however you deem best, within my capacity and scope of practice. Send me an inquiry to start a conversation on what this could look like.

WEB alchemy

With Web Alchemy, we'll create a captivating website that establishes trust with your audience and unlocks your business's full potential in just one week. Next time someone asks for your website, you'll share with confidence.

what awaits you

a whole week focused on you
a deeply collaborative journey
Copywriting Guide
5-6 pages designed + developed in Showit - Styled with your branding
your instagram landing page
Video Tutorials
1 Week post-launch support

"You are a lovely person to work with and are open to working as a team to find the perfect end result."

loren nicole - goldsmith & jewelry designer

the quest

a typical week timeline


Before your start day, you'll be working on your website copy guide & my web questionnaire. You'll also gather all your brand photography.
  • 90 minute chat


  • Homepage design
  • You set time aside to give me feedback

day two - tuesday

  • Refinement
  • Other pages development

day three - wednesday

Humpday is designed to ponder. You can take your time to really contemplate and reflect on your website and give me all your feedback.

day four - thursday

  • Refinements
  • Mobile Optimization & SEO
  • Final feedback on your side

day five - friday

  • Final refinements + troubleshooting
  • Creation of your very own Instagram landing page
  • Handoff and video tutorials

web alchemy intensives are for you if

you love the idea of being a part of the creative process.

You need your website done quickly but expertly.

YOU have branding, YOU NEED SOMEONE TO bring it to life in a beautiful online home.


you're a budding soulpreneur - less than three years in business.

what is the copywriting guide, you ask?

The Copywriting Guide is a helpful friend if you can't hire a copywriter.
It will give you simple prompts so you can get me the whole copy before the website building begins.

The guide covers:

- Home Page
- About Page
- Portfolio Page
- 3 Highlighted Project Pages
- FAQ Page
- Blog Landing page
- Process Page
- Inquiry Forms
- Extra Snippets/CTAs
- Bonus Pages



$4, 200 USD
  • A whole week focused on you
  • A deeply collaborative journey
  • A copywriting guide
  • 5-6 pages designed + developed in Showit - styled with your branding
  • Your Instagram landing page
  • Video tutorials
  • 1 week post-launch support

if those intensives don't fit your needs and you know you need more, FOUR CUSTOM SCOPE PROJECTS are available each year, inquire to ask me any questions.

I also need branding

your brand design

if you book two different intensives together, the price is reduced by 20%.

- payment plans available -

meet your brandsmith

Bonjour, I'm Clarisse and I'm here to build long-term partnerships, be your wingwoman and hype partner.

My entire mission is to create the perfect, authentic brand for your business that will help you reach those BIG goals and build your confidence and clarity.

I explore my clients’ souls to build their brand, I dig deep to unearth things they don’t even know about and create amazing, aligned, true to them brand identities.

why soulspell studio?


I have 10+ years of experience in luxury design. I can elevate any brand with my unique knowledge and skills I picked up working with French brands like Guerlain and Dior. And I will bring that to your project.


Storytelling is such a big part of good design. I bring storytelling in every touchpoint of your brand and that’s exactly how you become memorable to your audience. You started your business for a reason and you have something to say so let’s say it!


Connection is what I was missing when working in corporate design, and one of the reasons I built my own studio. I need to build a true connection with the people I work with. They are my partners more than my clients.


I was called a Good Witch before and I promise I only use white magic spells & potions to bring out your soul in every aspect of your brand. In your strategy, in your design, in your website...


do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I know that investing in your business is a big deal, and it's important to me that my services are accessible. Usually, I split the payment into two (a 50% deposit at the beginning and a final payment when the project is complete). But I can also divide the total investment into 4 payments. Just let me know, and we can discuss what works best for you.

- 06

what's the difference between Alchemy intensives & custom projects?

Alchemy intensives provide a quicker alternative to Soulspell's standard process, which usually takes 8-12 weeks. The main difference lies in the pace of the process that doesn't allow for as much depth as custom scope projects. But they are still equipped with the same level of expertise and crucial deliverables. It is an excellent choice for startups who want to start with authentic brand foundations.

- 06

how much time will it take me?

Great question! You will need to set aside at least four to six hours before the start date to do all the groundwork we need to create magic.
During the week, I will need you to be available for about one hour each day so you can assess the work and give me your feedback. Without it, I can't continue work the following day, you are absolute key for the whole project!

- 06

how soon should i book?

I like my clients to book at least two to four weeks before our start date because of the groundwork you need to provide me with. That way, you don't have to rush or risk your spot to be pushed to a later date.

If you want to work with a copywriter before we start the design, please take that into consideration when booking.

- 06

Contrary to most intensive offers, Alchemy Intensives don't attempt to cram everything in only one day. Which means we don't rush the creative process, or sacrifice important parts of your brand story. And more importantly, it won't force you to give hasty feedback only to regret it later.

how is Alchemy intensive different from other intensives?

- 06

I use Showit for designing every websites. You may be familiar with Squarespace or Wix, but to me Showit is the most exceptional platform for website building. One of its key benefits is the unparalleled creative freedom it offers, allowing us to customize your site to perfectly align with your brand. Showit is entirely drag-and-drop which makes it incredibly user-friendly and easy for you to update, without requiring any coding skills. Meaning you'll be able to manage your website changes on your own if you want to!

what website design platform do you use?

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frequently asked questions

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