Heartcrafted Design for Emotive Brands


for the quiet human
the deep feeler
the underdog
the nerd
the misunderstood
the divergent


Welcome to a brand that feels like you

We will explore who you are and create a brand that will have you feel more connected and confident.

And that is exactly what you deserve. A brand that resonates with your soul and attracts your dream clients because your one-of-a-kind story deserves to be seen, heard, and shared with the world.

what makes you special as a human will make you memorable as a business.

TOGETHER, we will start the journey to brand discovery, and with my intentional process and EMOTION-driven approach, we will create that DREAMY brand that has been living in your Pinterest boards.


my philosophy

Weaving meaning and aesthetic to reach your goals

I believe that you, my dear, are so worthy of those big brand dreams of yours.
That business that reflects who you are and the magic you have to offer others.

I use a unique approach to branding that doesn't only rely on aesthetics but instead truly connects who you are with your brand.

So, let's do this, let's jump into the journey of discovery and bring your soul in the physical world.

"I never doubted for a second that everything was going to work perfectly.

And also, you are a good witch who casts spells on her clients to extract the essence that will serve as the basis for your thoughts and your work."

manon - wedding planner


your hero's journey*

the process

normal world

That’s when you decide it’s time to elevate your business and get curious enough to fill out the inquiry form so I can get to know you and what you need for your brand.

meeting the mentor

That’s me!
Once I get your form, we will schedule a call and make sure we are a match made in heaven.

call to adventure

special world

crossing the threshold

When you decide to build some design magic together, I will send over your invoice and contract. Payment plans are always a possibility, so don’t be afraid to ask!

entering the special world

Once everything is filled out and sent back to me, it's time to get started! I will send over some magical homework so we can both get crystal clear on your brand and your growth goals. This is the start of your Heart Library.

tests, allies, enemies

We will build a purposeful strategy that includes your brand story, archetype, values, goals, positioning, target audience, competitor analysis and inspiration. Along with a creative direction.


Once we pick your dream direction, I will start the design process. After I work my magic, I will design all of the collaterals we decided on.


Gain confidence, clarity and feel like you’ve never been more you in your business. Soak it in!

return with the elixir

Once everything is done and signed off, I will create your brand guidelines and strategy book to help you maintain your beautiful brand across all platforms.

With my you-centered approach, we will build a MAGICAL, unique, and totally you brand that shines as much as your purpose does.

i'm Clarisse,

A Story Teller, Solution Finder & Magic Maker

I'm here to build long-term partnerships, be your wingwoman and hype partner.

My entire mission is to create the most unique, authentic brand for your business that will help you reach those BIG goals and build your confidence and clarity.

I use my clients’ souls to build their brand, I dig deep to unearth things they don’t even know about and create amazing, aligned, true to them brand identities.

You bring the dream, and I will fuse it with magic, strategy, and design that will have you excited to show up and share your business with the world.

take the quiz

unlock the power of your uniqueness

Your brand archetype might be just what you're missing to truly understand your brand and make it clear to others

Discover your brand’s archetype to understand HOW to talk to your audience, what they want from you and finally start attracting the right clients by being aligned to your brand and values.

will you share your heart with me?

Are you ready to bring your brand to life and feel truly aligned, connected, and in flow with your business?