self-care days for your business

You can change your business in just two days with my Spell day intensives.

Finally hit publish on that Showit template.

sounds familiar?

  • You already purchased or are eyeing a Showit template but it's been collecting digital dust for months, you don't have time to do it yourself.

  • You're feeling completely overwhelmed by the idea of setting up a template yourself and you want to make sure that everything is optimized (images, SEO, flow...).

Client Love Note

"This looks FANTASTIC! Seriously, you brought it all together and made it perfect!!

I can’t put my finger on it, but I CANNOT stop staring."

nikki vance - Team Operations Strategist

Accessibility and flexibility are very important to me in my work. I’m committed to collaborating with disabled & neurodivergent folks on modifying my processes to support you however you deem best, within my capacity and scope of practice. Send me an inquiry to start a conversation on what this could look like.

web intensive

Web spell days

your website template off the ground in two days

Your website needs love and attention but you've been so busy working in your business that the perfect Showit template you purchased months ago is collecting digital dust instead of attracting your ideal clients.

Web Spell holds your answer.
We will take the most perfect Showit template and bring it to life with your branding.

web spell days


$2,000 USD
  • Two whole days focused on you
  • A deeply collaborative journey
  • Your whole pre-purchased Showit template customized to your needs
  • The website copy guide
  • Basic SEO optimization

what is the copywriting guide, you ask?

The Copywriting Guide is a helpful friend if you can't hire a copywriter.
It will give you simple prompts so you can get me the whole copy before the website building begins.

The guide covers:

- Home Page
- About Page
- Portfolio Page
- 3 Highlighted Project Pages
- FAQ Page
- Blog Landing page
- Process Page
- Inquiry Forms
- Extra Snippets/CTAs
- Bonus Pages

web spell intensives are for you if

you love the idea of being a part of the creative process.

You need your website done quickly but expertly.



you're less than three years in business or pivoting

if this intensive don't fit your needs and you know you need more, let's chat.

meet your brandsmith

Bonjour, I'm Clarisse and I'm here to build long-term partnerships, be your wingwoman and hype partner.

My entire mission is to create the perfect, authentic brand for your business that will help you reach those BIG goals and build your confidence and clarity.

I explore my clients’ souls to build their brand, I dig deep to unearth things they don’t even know about and create amazing, aligned, true to them brand identities.

Client Love Note

"Working with Clarisse took a process that is seemingly stressful and potentially overwhelming and transforming it into a fun, creative collaboration."

tatiana - therapist

why soulspell studio?


After 12+ years of experience in luxury design, I can elevate any brand with my unique knowledge and skills I picked up working with French brands like Guerlain and Dior. And I will bring that to your project.


Storytelling is such a big part of good design. I bring storytelling in every touchpoint of your brand and that’s exactly how you become memorable to your audience. You started your business for a reason and you have something to say so let’s say it!


Connection is what I was missing when working in corporate design, and one of the reasons I built my own studio. I need to build a true connection with the people I work with. They are my partners more than my clients.


I was called a Good Witch before and I promise I only use white magic spells & potions to bring out your soul in every aspect of your brand. In your strategy, in your design, in your website...


do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I know that investing in your business is a big deal, and it's important to me that my services are accessible. Usually, I split the payment into two (a 50% deposit at the beginning and a final payment when the project is complete). But I can also divide the total investment into 4 payments. Just let me know, and we can discuss what works best for you.

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when is the perfect moment to book this service?

Those intensives are for business owners who already have a sense of what they need and a somewhat clear vision. They need someone to come in with their expertise and create the missing piece. It is an excellent choice for blooming businesses who want to build more trust and look professional.

Ideally, this service would come after any branding work.

- 04

how much time will it take me?

Great question! You will need to set aside at least four to six hours before the start date to do all the groundwork we need to create magic.
During the day, I will need you to be available at around 4pm CET on each day booked so you can provide your feedback.

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how soon should i book?

I like my clients to book at least two to four weeks before our start date because of the groundwork you need to provide me with. That way, you don't have to rush or risk your spot to be pushed to a later date.

If you want to work with a copywriter before we start the website design, please take that into consideration when booking.

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