capture the heart and soul of your business’s mission and message.

bespoke projects for seasoned business owners

Soulspell Studio is a Heartcrafted Brand Design studio on a mission to make your intangible vision into tangible designs.

Soulspell Studio offers powerful brand design that goes beyond just creating beautiful visuals - together we create soulful, emotive brands that get to the heart of what you are trying to communicate.

Everything we do together is rooted in authenticity and strategy, led by your heart and soul.

I will guide you through an introspective journey and we will dig deep into your soul to find what I call your Heart Library™, and everything will organically unfold from there. You will be transformed by this journey and bring back the elixir - essentially answers in a bottle on how to run your business.

Your Heart Library™ is a four-part experience:
- The Golden Circle® (Simon Sinek)
- The Secret Garden
- The Dragonfly Inn
- The Alethiometer

Client Love Note

"I love that Clarisse puts herself in the place of each business to really get a sense of who they are and what their brand is about."

breanne - kombucha bar & shop owner

Your Heart Library is what makes you, YOU. What you visually like and love is the result of years and years of things you have seen and experienced since birth.

All of this creates the blueprint of your aesthetic.⁠

We will find the threads of what moves your soul and weave them to into a tangible visual identity, from YOUR heart.
That's how you attract perfectly aligned people, your people.

Accessibility and flexibility are very important to me in my work. I’m committed to collaborating with disabled & neurodivergent folks on modifying my processes to support you however you deem best, within my capacity and scope of practice. Send me an inquiry to start a conversation on what this could look like.

brand sorcery custom projects


Every project scope and goals are different.

I create custom quotes for every client, starting at $8K \ payment plans available

At Soulspell Studio, I believe that the heart of a brand lies in the emotion it creates in the customer. That’s why I specialize in designing emotive brands, using my unique process to explore your brand’s personality and values. It helps you to clearly define your brand’s character and message, so you can easily stand out from the crowd and create an authentic connection with your target audience.

if those custom projects are too advanced right now, i have smaller offers that could be perfect for you!

Client Love Note

"My favorite thing about working together was that it felt like I was working with a friend that I have known for years! It was such a comfortable collaboration, and I believe it truly made a contribution to the creative process."

sarah - naturopath

meet your brandsmith

Bonjour, I'm Clarisse and I'm here to build long-term partnerships, be your wingwoman and hype partner.

My entire mission is to create the perfect, authentic brand for your business that will help you reach those BIG goals and build your confidence and clarity.

I explore my clients’ souls to build their brand, I dig deep to unearth things they don’t even know about and create amazing, aligned, true to them brand identities.

why soulspell studio?


I have 10+ years of experience in luxury design. I can elevate any brand with my unique knowledge and skills I picked up working with French brands like Guerlain and Dior. And I will bring that to your project.


Storytelling is such a big part of good design. I bring storytelling in every touchpoint of your brand and that’s exactly how you become memorable to your audience. You started your business for a reason and you have something to say so let’s say it!


Connection is what I was missing when working in corporate design, and one of the reasons I built my own studio. I need to build a true connection with the people I work with. They are my partners more than my clients.


I was called a Good Witch before and I promise I only use white magic spells & potions to bring out your soul in every aspect of your brand. In your strategy, in your design, in your website...

We will be a great fit if

You're a quiet soul that has a fire underneath.
You're ready to explore that fire to build an incredible brand.

You need to feel a deep connection with your brand in order to show-up consistently for the long-run.

You want more than a designer, you want a brand partner, a friend that is there to bring the best out of you in a long-term relationship.


your hero's journey*

the process

normal world

That’s when you decide it’s time to elevate your business and get curious enough to fill out the inquiry form so I can get to know you and what you need for your brand.

meeting the mentor

That’s me!
Once I get your form, we will schedule a call and make sure we are a match made in heaven.

call to adventure

special world

crossing the threshold

When you decide to build some design magic together, I will send over your invoice and contract. Payment plans are always a possibility, so don’t be afraid to ask!

entering the special world

Once everything is filled out and sent back to me, it's time to get started! I will send over some magical homework so we can both get crystal clear on your brand and your growth goals. This is the start of your Heart Library.

tests, allies, enemies

We will build a purposeful strategy that includes your brand story, archetype, values, goals, positioning, target audience, competitor analysis and inspiration. Along with a creative direction.


Once we pick your dream direction, I will start the design process. After I work my magic, I will design all of the collaterals we decided on.


Gain confidence, clarity and feel like you’ve never been more you in your business. Soak it in!

return with the elixir

Once everything is done and signed off, I will create your brand guidelines and strategy book to help you maintain your beautiful brand across all platforms.


do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I know that investing in your brand is a big deal, and it's important to me that my services are accessible. Usually, I split the payment into two (a 50% deposit at the beginning and a final payment when the project is complete). But I can also divide the total investment into 4 payments. Just let me know, and we can discuss what works best for you.

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can i edit my website on my own?

Yes, you can! I only use Showit because it is incredibly user-friendly. My goal after project completion is that you have complete autonomy over your site and content. I offer how-to videos, and I am always available to answer any questions you might have.

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how long will we work together?

Great question! That really depends on what service you choose.
For branding, it's usually around 8 weeks from start to finish. And for web design + branding can take around 12 weeks or more, depending on the complexity and collateral pieces you need.
I also offer design intensives for those of you who are ready to launch NOW!

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how soon should i book?

For custom projects, we will have to talk about it before booking to find a start date that fits both our needs. I only take one client at a time, which means I'm 100% focused on YOU when working together, but also meaning that you might have to wait for my previous client to finish before starting with me. So my advice is that it's never to soon to secure your spot!
For intensives, we need at least two to four weeks before the start date, as I'll need you to fill out some strategy and/or copy documents.

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I'm ready too! You can send me your inquiry with a little bit of info about you and your business on the contact form.
Then we'll have a little chat (call or not, your choice!) to be extra sure we are a match. And finally, I'll send you a brand proposal!

i'm ready,
where do we start?

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frequently asked questions

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