clémentine barraban - va


the client

brand identity, print design, digital design



They are innovators, and authenticity is essential to them. Their deep desire is to create something of enduring value.

Clémentine is a unique sensitive human who decided to launch a virtual assistance business. She wants to be known for her reliability and efficiency at organizing the businesses of others so they feel more free. She is joyful, sincere, a great supporter and a bit of a nerd. Her audience has a hard time finding someone they trust and who shares their vision of entrepreneurship.

the goal

It became quickly obvious that the VA industry is very basic and everyone looks the same, so we agreed we would use Clémentine's unique personality and inner world to attract her clients. We had to infuse a very special vibe that was impossible to find anywhere else: HER.

the values

sincerity - authenticity - safety- creativity

She provides a holistic but personalized virtual assistant service. her approach is not only individual, it is also very creative and unique to each client. Everyone wishes they had a little fairy in their pocket who could put in place and do everything they don't want to do or don't know HOW to do.

Her branding aligns with her offer: the multi-faceted assistant who adapts to each person.

the logo is timeless & expressive, with a
touch of madness, & warmth.

We used inspirations that are both modern and which evoke past eras, but above all which are special and unique, with a touch of magic, just like Clémentine.
The fairy mirrors her personality while remaining professional, it also evokes a part of magic that illustrates well the problem of her ideal client: literally finding someone to transform their business.

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