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They value the importance of supporting others and their deep desire is to protect people from harm.


Marie is a certified naturopath who is also a refloxologist, olfactologist and artisan soap maker.
We quicky discovered that she was the only soap artisan, in the region, who doubled as a naturopath, that's what made her unique and we aimed to put this at the forefront of the story-telling. It is one of the biggest reason why people can trust her products!

the goal

Marie came to me because she was selling handmade soaps and wanted to stand out in her local over-crowded market. There was already seven other soap makers in her area and we needed to find a way to differentiate her brand.

the values

sustainability - expertise - handmade - trustworthy

I chose to move away from craft paper, because it heavily over-used in the sustainable cosmetic industry and I felt like we could reflect Helianthus ecological values another way.
That's when I decided to go for a unique stamp-like logo, that would feel luxurious but have many irregularities to give it life and humanity.

With the font choices, again, I opted for imperfection combined with handwriting to give a feeling of craftsmanship and authenticity. It evokes that the brand is both high quality and locally made in small batches by one person they can trust.

Moving on to packaging, Marie and I decided to bring the warmth of the brand identity in other aspects. Especially by choosing a textured paper that is slightly yellow tinted and also is quite thick to elevate the overall feel.

We created a colorful product line, that is both playful and sophisticated.

Finally, we went on to design and develop the website, all within Showit and Marie has had incredible feedback from it. She sold several soaps on the day of the launch!

The Helianthus brand's look and feel was elevated through the process and it looks a lot more polished, professional and trustworthy. It reflects her expertly handmade, thought-out soaps and her unique qualities and values as an artisan and naturopath healer.

the client

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