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They are ambitious and love a challenge. Injustice is their biggest pet peeve and they pride themselves on their discipline, focus and ability to make hard choices.

les inséparables

Manon created Les Inséparables in 2022, a wedding planning business in the south of France. She is kind and attentive, a good listener who wanted to provide inclusive, luxurious services.
The weddings she plans are perfectly orchestrated and she helps couples completely forget this stressful part of their beautiful day. But more importantly, she creates a safe space for them.

the goal

The goal was to be different because Manon became one of 200 other wedding planners in a small area. We needed to bring a lot of professionalism and a luxurious feeling that would make her stand out compared to the more basic businesses that exist near her.

the values

authenticity - respect - connection - magic

The vision of the business is to have a brand experience that helps the couple feel held, listened to, and safe when planning their wedding. To translate that, the brand identity is gentle, soft, caring and based on mutual exchange.

les inséparables = lovebirds
in french

The end result for Les Inséparables logo collection feels elevated yet friendly and approachable. The lovebirds are in a circle which represents the cocoon of the couple preserved from the outside chaos thanks to Manon. All color and typography choices establish the brand as a high-end service.

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the client

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