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They are innovators, and authenticity is essential to them. Their deep desire is to create something of enduring value.

the client

Loren Nicole is an archeologist turned goldsmith who uses ancient techniques to create her jewelry. She creates unique exceptional high karat gold jewelry that feels like wearable art and relics from ancient times to history enthusiasts and individuals who want to express their unique style.

the goal

Loren Nicole takes pride in the millennia steeped history of jewelry making at the core of her creations. It allows her to offer an experience of truly handmade, of legacy, in a time when this method for jewelry making and knowledge is disappearing.
The goal is to make the whole brand identity system showcase those values and unique motivations.

the values

Craftsmanship - Ethics - Connecting through stories - History - Bringing joy

"At the heart of Loren Nicole sits a legacy of thousands of years of jewelry making. Loren's craftsmanship, knowledge of ancient cultures and ethics are in every jewel she creates. Each jewel is handcrafted in her Southern California studio using ethically sourced gold and gemstones." - from Loren's website.

loren nicole allows people to express their unique style through history-rich
exceptional jewelry.

Loren Nicole creates handmade high karat gold jewelry that appeals to and helps people express their individuality while preserving history. Loren Nicole creates unique handmade jewelry that feels like wearable art and relics from ancient times. The brand's approach not only offers quality craftsmanship, it also tells unique stories and preserves history.

The brand identity reflects the integrity, passion, and authenticity behind the brand while uniquely custom logo and graphic elements set the brand apart and speak to the story and values that make it so special. The Loren Nicole logo feels timeless while still having lots of personality.
The cut of the letters combined with the roundness of the C and Os conveys well the unique balance that exists in Loren Nicole's jewelry.

Loren's family is from Athens, meaning Greek culture and stories were ever present, and Bobo was a prominent figure. To this day, her family has sculptures of Bobo around their homes for protection.
Bobo has become a symbol for Loren Nicole. He represents the brand's commitment to scholarship, historical foundation and reverence for the wisdom of masters that have come before.

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