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They believe that everyone matters, just as they are and their deep desire is to connect with others.

main house market

Breanne wanted to open a new gathering space in Central Florida. In her own words " A love letter to Central Florida's past, present, and future. We celebrate the Sunshine State by showcasing the work of home-grown artists as well as products made and sourced by various local vendors, including plants, pottery, garb, antiques, baked goods, and -the MAIN attraction- ten taps featuring locally brewed kombucha.".

the goal

Her biggest goal was to have an authentic identity that would truly reflect the vibe they wanted to create in the space. And what a vibe! I dream of visiting the store, it's so unique and welcoming.
Breanne's secondary but very important goal was to build a good brand recognition in a short amount of time, especially through her instagram, so that many people would come on opening day.

the values

community - authentic - belonging - local

Breanne & I had already worked together on a previous plant & crystal shop she opened in another state and it was such a honour to bring this new venture and business to life!

We decided to bring a very vintage, antique feeling to the whole brand, to match what she envisioned for the interior design of the place. Using warm colors, craft paper, a stamped font and an old engraving style illustration that gives so much personality.

After establishing their brand, they gained over a thousand followers in a month and their engagement tripled. On top of this, her customers are loving the space so much that they're constantly posting about it on socials, creating buzz around the store.

the client

What Breanne said

"We were able to gain 1000 followers in about a month and I think that having our brand really established and confident that it represents us really helped us make that happen."

Breanne - founder and CEO of Main House Market

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